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PDA Surveyors operates a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), commonly known as a drone, for the capture of aerial imagery for large scale surveying and mapping applications. We operate the latest aircraft with advanced photographic sensors that can provide incredibly detailed aerial imagery. Aerial photographs can be captured over large areas efficiently and accurately geo-referenced to enable the resultant ortho-rectified imagery to be used in designs, or integrated with other available terrestrial survey information.


  • Large scale topographic surveys
  • Ultra-high detail aerial imagery
  • Surveys of inaccessible areas such as mining pits and tailings
  • Stockpile surveys for volume determination
  • Visual pavement analysis


  • Ortho-rectified aerial imagery
  • Oblique aerial imagery for architectural concepts
  • Colourised Point Clouds
  • 3-dimensional Mesh models

Please contact your nearest PDA Surveyors office to discuss whether a UAV Survey might be suitable for your next project.

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